T[h]om[as] Heath

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Graphic designer, currently based in London. Previously at Fabrica Research Centre. Currently at BBC Creative.

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Projects are not chronological.

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Site Into Sight

‘Site Into Sight’ explores the fragile relationship between Humans and the ‘Landscape’.

The artist constructs a space using flour (taken from the Earth) by pressing the material into a perfect (15cmx20cmx9cm) rectangle. The arrangement of the flour rectangles was dictated by Tadao Ando’s architecture.

By questioning the fragility of landscape/memory and place/space, the viewer can explore the meaning of ‘Landscape’. Is it something to be seen, touched or simply remembered?

Sketchbook: research

Fabrica, Italy.

Diario Design (2022)

Site Into Sight – research

A research document combining interviews, images and ideas surrounding landscape and memory. Throughout the 6 month residency at Fabrica, I collated over 100 pages of information to create my own archive of research.

Fabrica, Italy.

Diario Design (2022)

Just Passing Through

On Thursday 21 July, from 6 to 11 pm, Fabrica opened its doors for Just Passing Through, an exhibition about shapes of extinction.

Tadao Ando's architecture becomes the stage for works made by 18 young international creatives at the end of their 6-month residency.

Through photography, video, sculpture, sound installation and performance, 18 artists reflect on extinction in all its forms and potentialities, always linking their reflections to their own experiences or non-human perspectives.

Fabrica, Italy.

We Take Data

“We take data and document where we are and what we do and what nature is doing. We accumulate photographs and records to compensate that sense of irremediable loss for the passing traveller.” – The Sky On Location (1983) dir. Babette Mangolte.

Fabrica, Italy. 

Truly, really, actually.

The collection of 4 weeks research into my personal practice. Gathering text and artist references from the likes of Hans-Peter Feldmann, Marcel Broodthaers, Chuck Berry, 
Danh Võ and Matt Mullican.

“Just remember, my accounts of actions I’ve experienced are the fourth generation of communication. First, it happened; second, I conceived what happened; third, I reproduced what I conceived; and fourth, you will conceive what I have reproduced.” – Chuck Berry