BLNL is a conceptual investigation and exploration into ‘Biophilic Architecture’. Looking into the combination and potential the natural world and man-made world have together.  I developed a hands-on process which enabled me to research and experiment simultaneously which led me into looking at a variety of insights, environmental theories by scientists, architects and designers such as ‘Kengo Kuma’ and ‘Neri Oxman’. In order to express my findings and research, I started creating visuals through the medium of a research document and experimental typography. I developed a typeface and multiple artefacts displaying the final typeface.
         More recently, this project and I have been chosen to feature in ‘HERE </> THERE’, an exhibition showcasing 100 design graduates across western universities, curated by Adrian Shaughnessy & Regular Practice taking place at SIA & Today Art Museum, Beijing, China.

Brutal London Natural Land           
Experimental Typogrpahy
“The typographic tradition is one of constant change due to technological, functional and cultural advancement (I use the word advancement as I am unfashionably optimistic about the future).

Microscopic images by Ella Maiden

Featured in HERE </> THERE curated by Adrian Shaughnessy & Regular Practice → SIA & Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2019