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Graphic designer, currently based in London. Previously at Fabrica Research Centre. Currently at BBC Creative.

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Collectif Nest

In collaboration with designer Alex Bassett, we developed a visual identity for Paris based artist collective, ‘Collectif Nest’.

The identity is constantly changing, following a circle grid that allows the letters N,E,S,T to revolve around the centre. “The Nest Collective comes from the thought of the Nest and the habitat. We have designed exhibition spaces like temporary houses, welcoming works and bodies, like a space of intimacy and life.”

The letters represent each member of ‘Collectif Nest’ as an entity and also explores the idea of their collectif that is constantly in movement, changing and adapting.

It also resonates with how ‘Collectif Nest’ perceive their projects related to the idea of house, architecture and space.

Olivia Funes Lastra
Constance de Raucourt
Chae Biole Park
Chae Dalle Park