T[h]om[as] Heath

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Graphic designer, currently based in London. Previously at Fabrica Research Centre. Currently at BBC Creative.

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T[h]om[as] Heath is a London-based graphic designer who is passionate about understanding the role of graphic design in shaping our perception of the world. He approaches his practice by piecing together segments of information from various sources, including the internet, books, magazines, videos, and conversations. This process allows him to gain a deeper understanding of how graphic design intersects with reality and how designers can influence the dissemination of information to shape public understanding of specific topics.

As a graphic designer, Tom sees himself as a mediator between the content and the audience. He believes that his role is not only to create visually compelling designs, but also to ensure that the message is communicated effectively and accurately.

He believes that publishing information can take various forms and formats, all united by the act of making public. This realisation is not lost, as the etymology root of the word "publish" is the Latin "publicare," which means "to make public."

Graphic designers have a unique responsibility to ensure that the information they present is accurate, informative, and presented in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

"Just remember, my accounts of actions I’ve experienced are the fourth generation of communication. First, it happened; second, I conceived what happened; third, I reproduced what I conceived; and fourth, you will conceive what I have reproduced." – Chuck Berry 

Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn EE Master of Arts in Graphic Design "An expanded view of graphic design, seeing it as a form of knowledge production whose role can be understood as a way of ‘making things public.’"


“Graphic Design is based upon actions and experiences. Graphic Design is a mediated discipline, a discipline of indirect exchange, whose focus is, in multiple ways, on ephemeral communication.

Its requirements are: a thirst for knowledge coupled with doubt, initiative and experience, fervour and empathy. Graphic Design is a cultural technique for the knowledge-based society, and for capitalism. To think about Graphic Design is to think about a living cultural technique.

“The old ritual: Stand back, look, approach again, grasp, feel, hesitate, then sudden activity and then another long pause …” Excerpt from: Wim Wenders, “Notebook on Cities and Clothes”


“In other words: the attitude of a graphic designer is shown by his or her personal engagement with the phenomena of language, dialogue, and translation, and in the ability to engage in exchanges concerning these phenomena.

His or her praxis oscillates between the parameters of participation, collaboration, interpretation, ordering, profiling, evaluating, renewing, showing, seducing, and serving.