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Graphic designer, currently based in London. Previously at Fabrica Research Centre. Currently at BBC Creative.

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ICBQ Magazine — Issue 5

Freedom was the ‘theme’ of issue 5, we wanted to pick apart the impact freedom had on our submitters’ practices, which led us to talk to all of them about freedom in a variety of contexts.

Aside from talking to our contributors, we wanted to do an exercise around ‘freedom’ ourselves, with the design of the issue. We divided the 10 features between ourselves, with the idea of trying to own the content within the design, giving each feature quite a lot of freedom in the way it looked (part of the exercise was setting some ‘rules’ such as a grid, typeface, pt sizes), and then we began designing.

Inside issue 5 of ICBQ Magazine you can expect to find a plethora of exciting, contrasting work which complement each other in terms of their story and visual aesthetic.

The Brand Identity (2021)
It's Nice That (2021)