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Graphic designer, currently based in London. Previously at Fabrica Research Centre. Currently at BBC Creative.

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Truly, really, actually
The Washhouse 

Ecology is concerned with the interdependence between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment. Its aim is to comprehend the essential connections between plants, animals, and the world in which they live.

Stone rubbing is an artistic practice that involves reproducing the surface features of a stone onto paper. This method records natural textures, engraved patterns, or lettering. To create a rubbing, a hard rendering material, such as charcoal, inksticks, graphite or wax is rubbed onto the paper. The pigment is deposited on the protrusions and edges, leaving depressions unpigmented because the pliable paper moves away from the rendering material. However, this practice may lead to permanent damage to cultural monuments due to abrasion. For artists, stone rubbing can become an entire body of creative work that can be framed and displayed.

These rubbings were presented alongside a body of research, presented to artist, Carlos Casas in response to the theme, ‘Extinction’.

Fabrica, Italy.